Apply in 6 straightforward steps

We offer a seamless, transparent process, without unnecessary administrative hassle

Create an account & provide your information

Complete our checklist

Get approved

Apply for flexible funding in 6 straightforward steps.

At Tradeplus24, we value a personal approach. That is why we connect you to your own dedicated account manager, who will look after your application from start to end.

Set up your account and provide us with your personal and business information

Upload your annual statements and connect your accounting software 

Walk through our personalised checklist together with our team

Get acquinted with us during a virtual, or a face-to-face company visit

Receive our offer, including the established credit limit 

Sign the required documentation and your facility will be ready for you to use!

The process

Account registration

10 min

Provide data & documents

15 min

Walkthrough checklist

1 day

Analysis & assessment

3 days

Approval & offer

2 days

Access to funding

1 day

A credit line working in harmony with your accounting software

Xero - accounting software that you can use with Tradeplus24

Our checklist for a successful application

  • Your accounts receivables total at least £1 million
  • Your business has been actively trading for >3 years
  • You are registered in the UK with a UK business bank account
  • At least 50% of your accounts receivables comes from UK businesses

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